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Our Mission

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​The mission of the Office of Help International Student (HIS) is to enhance the international student experience during their application process. The office also works closely with other administrative and academic departments with the following objectives in mind:

Provide excellent service to the international students, admissions offices, and immigration departments.

Protect the interests of HIS and its international students by remaining knowledgeable about immigration issues and advising students and University personnel according to regulations.

We are assisting international students in achieving their admission and visa request processing goals.

Assist international students with all academic or non-academic concerns. Although primarily involved with immigration policies and procedures, HIS also assists international students with housing issues, personal problems, financial and legal matters.

Advocate on behalf of international students and advise on matters that help them adjust to a new university, community, country, and culture.

Provide and encourage other University departments to offer programs and activities that promote intercultural exchange and enrich the university's campuses and communities.

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