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Help International Student Agreement Form

  1. INTRODUCTION: The process of applying to a college/university in the U.S.A. is very complicated and can be a long journey. Help International Student is a private agency located in Miami, Florida, and we offer our services in consulting. Our work consists of helping anyone who wants to come to study in the U.S.A. as an international student. It is required that the interested Student must have funds to pay for our services, including their school tuition, and their living expenses in the United States.

  2. TERMS AND CONDITION of SERVICES: Help International Students (HIS) will be responsible for every document received from the interested Student. Each Student will have someone (personal agent) assign for their case, and that person will be in touch with the Student during the entire process. The person in touch will make sure to assist the Student in the different steps of the process. The personal agent will be responsible for providing accurate information to the Student, to help the Student in the process of submitting their application; sending the required documents and enrolling into a school that fits the student expectations and possibilities. The Student will be responsible for keeping track of how the process is moving and send a label from choosing shipping company (DHL, FEDEX...) to pick up the package from us once it is ready to be picked up. To be able to do that, the Student must send us the last part of the payment fee. After that, the Student has attached a picture I.D. to send to us via an email, so that we can complete the DS 160 form, and to provide accurate information for the completion of the DS 160 form.

  3. US VISA REQUEST: To be able to come study at a university/college in the ... The U.S.A., the Student must get a student VISA (F-1) for that purpose. Meaning that the Student will have to request an interview at the U.S. Embassy in their hometown so that they can be issued the student VISA (F-1).

  4. U.S. A VISA: Every Student must be aware that we do not give VISA for people to come to the United States. Our work consists on making sure that the Student got admitted into a college/university, and once it is done; send them the legal documents they need so that they can request the student VISA (F-1) at the U.S. Embassy in their hometown. The final decision will only come from the consular at the U.S. Embassy.

  5. The fee for the DS160 form must be paid only the U.S. Embassy in the student hometown. The Embassy decision is based on their internal policies and criteria; therefore, they will do their analysis case by case and decide. We do not and will never pretend to have the power to influence the decision of any U.S. Embassy in the world. We are a financial institution, and our service is clearly Help International Student Agreement Form

defined. However, we can guarantee that all the requirements that we send to our students are legal documents provided by the U.S. A immigration and the school of which we got admission for our Student.

  1. PRIVACY: Usually, our services are very personalized, so this means that we must manipulate personal documents. By agreeing to the agreement, the Student will give us full permission to get personal informational from the college/university upon acceptance, to handle their documents which include personal information about them, the original of their diplomas, I.D. pictures, videos and more. It is our responsibility to keep every records or information in a safe place, and we guarantee that none of those sensitive documents or information will be used or given out to any third parties without the student verbal or written permission.

  2. LEGALITY OF HIS: We are a commercial company registered and operating under the laws of the Florida States of the United States of America.

Non- Competition: Student agrees that during the time studying for a period of five (5) years and after the end of the study, the

Student will not be engaged in any competing business in any area in which Help International Student conducts its business. The Student will not directly or indirectly be an owner of any agency that involves visa services, consultant, advisor, agent, or be the founder, co-venture or otherwise, solely or jointly with others, engage in any business that competes with the company of Help International Student within the student origin country. Any violation of this term will result in a seventy-five thousand dollars 75,000.00 UDS fine.

  1. Our service is subject to the tax that is included in your service fees.

  2. SERVICE FEES AND PAYMENTS: The processing fee is a total of two thousand dollars (USD 2,000.00), and it is a nonrefundable fee. The processing fee is a two times payment:

  3. a. The first payment is one thousand dollars (USD 1,000.00) must be submitted before we can start the process. This payment is critical because it will start the process officially. We will cover every expense (the application/registration fee at the college/university, the immigration fee, etc..) that will be done here in the U.SA.

  1. b. The second payment is one thousand dollars (USD 1,000.00) must be submitted right after all the student documents are ready to be mail to the student country. The Student will receive a notice from their agent upon completion. We will keep the student documents and package, and it will not be sent to them until they submitted the last payment.

  2. Payment Procedures: Acceptable forms of payment are: Money Order and Credit Card: A %30 Late Payment Fee Automatically applies to students who do not pay their fees or do not pay their fees by the due date.


  1. We are only responsible for covering all the expense that is supposed to make in the U.S.A. Therefore, it is the student responsibility to include the following payments:


  • Payment for personal things; such as printing documents, calling us from overseas, etc.

  • Payment for the Interview at the U.S. embassy.

  • Payment for mailing; such as sending and the receiving documents.

  • Payment for flight ticket once the student visa(F-1) is approved.

  • Payment for the student tuition; for this is not a scholarship program, and living expense once arriving in The U.S.




Copyright Help International Student @2020

You must click on the PDF form to download this document and to print it. You will have to sign it. Once signed, you must scan it and send it to us by e-mail.

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