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Two years ago, I tried to enroll for a university in Ohio, and I got denial at the US embassy. So I turned to HIS for assistance with my process, they took my case and helped me get into a good program in Miami. Now I am pursuing my dream

Darla Richard

Bahamas Psychology

With this agency, I only had to send them my documents, pay them for their services,  then here I am. I am on the right way to accomplishing my dream and going back to serve in my Country upon the completion of my study.

Yvenson Smith

Haiti International Relation

I did secretary School in Haiti at Christ the King. I was looking forward to coming to study something more, like doing a specialization. HIS helped me with my application process. They were dedicated to the process

Joseline Bigot

Haiti Human Resources

I did a degree in psychology at "Science Humaine, Universite D'etat D'haiti."I was looking forward to coming to the USA to do a master's in my field.. I contacted them, they put in the work, and now I'm pursuing my life dream of becoming a Behavioral Therapist.

Fobert Fernandes

Haiti Psychology

I dreamed of coming to study in the USA since High school. So after I graduated, my parents started to look into our options. It was not easy to find accurate information about how to do the process to get into a school here and to get the documents to present at the embassy. 

Juan Santiago

From Argentina

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